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Foreign Nationals, and Non-Resident Aliens, Life Insurances

Multi-National insurance company, offers a one-of a kind life-insurance coverage policy to nonresident alien, or foreign national clients, who visit the United States, regularly or owns real estate in the U.S., either solely or together with a spouse who is a United States citizen.

This carrier provides life insurance coverage for residents of the following foreign countries:
•United States, Central Americas, South Americas, Carribean.

The demographic profile of the market we provide nonresident insurance coverage to are:

•Foreign clients with U.S. assets and real estate holdings; who are subject to low estate federal tax exemptions versus the tax exemptions of United States citizens.
•Foreign clients who seek to avoid the underwriting limitations for risk within their native country.

•Foreign clients who seek stable coverage with U.S. dollar versus the unstability of their native country. 
•Foreign clients, who seek U.S. insurance coverage without fear of future socialized or state-controlled fiscal policy as in their own country of citizenship.

This is a flexible life insurance product that evolves along with your financial needs and goals. With a guaranteed 3% interest rate and several withdrawal options that give you immediate access to your accumulated cash value, it is designed to help you secure a strong financial future for yourself and your family.   Coverage begins with a minimum face amount of US $100,000 and is available for up 120 years.